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GBP to my little bro!

Happiest of happiest birthdays to my 20 year old little brother!!!

It was twenty years ago that your arrival made me miss my first dance in the fourth grade. Then Mom and dad brought you home and you were my new doll!  And I proceeded to accidentally bang your head against the front door while bringing you in from the car and then spoiled you shamelessly for 20 years, even against your will.

Didn't do too much damage...I think.  It could have caused your delay in learning the English language.  Anyways, happy birfday to my favorite brother!  I bought you a gift.  It starts with a Chibi and ends with a vampire and 7 volumes of it will be strewn across your bed haphazardly when you come home next weekend!! YEEE!


Happy birthday franwi!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And many more...presents to come when the bro and I can pick some out.

PA Ren Faire

So, my family and I go to the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire yesterday...expecting to be steeped in silly old English fun stuff...

And there was a tiny shinigami rolling around ye old countryside.  This 10 year old little blonde white girl was just rolling around in her shinigami outfit, babbling on about Zangetsu.

Also, at "LaForge" the sword making shop, the shop girl was twirling around a zangetsu.  shadowzabre and I immediately called her out on it, and she just stared at us, probably thinking of what kind of dorks we were.  But yes.  The Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire has inhabitants of Japan now!  YAY!

CHUCK! And other television-y thoughts.

I really loved Chuck.  Hence the hurriedly made icon.  It was like the perfect lead-in to Heroes.  Monday nights are now a happy time because of the good television.  YAY!

Also, Tuesday night I watched "Reaper".  I was impressed.  It made me chuckle and it is by far no Joss Whedon show, but it has my healthy doze of snarky sci-fi, so I enjoyed it. 

Tonight, I am ashamed to admit that I will be watching Kid Nation.  Dude, I had a paper route at 10, I didn't see anyone wahwahing for me.  (That would be my tongue in my cheek right now, thank you very much). 

And then tomorrow.......my other dork crush comes back in the form of the OFFICE!  WOOHOO!

I love the fall.  I love new tv.


You are the bestest of the best!  YAY!  Thank you much-ly.  It definitely brightened my day when I needed it.  This weekend was looking like it might stink.  YAY!

Holy Crap.

Holy crap.  Two posts in a month.  Also, a dual reason for the word Holy.

And on a lighter note.  I downloaded the Once soundtrack.  I must see this movie.  The music is amazing. 
Why is my brother never online when I'm online?  I haven't talked to him in monthses.  Little terd.  If he ever checks LJ, please let it be known to mein brother shadowzabre that I will be leaving Reading on Friday at 2-ish to go and retrieve him from his nerd lair kingdom so that I may watch lots of Bleach and buy manga.  WOOOHOO!

Also, for my quadra-monthly post...I'm getting excited about new tv.  I think I watched all my Scrubs dvds since the aforementioned shadowzabre went back to school.  That's like, 157 episodes of Scrubs.  Now I'm talking funny.  Maybe I'll break out the Buffy and I'll talk like Scrubs and Buffy.  That'll be fun.  I haven't watched a Buffy episode in a looooong time.  But I think that'll have to wait until after I catch up on the Office.  Because I have to catch up and rewatch my DVD's, then buy myself the present of Season 3 and then watch it all before it comes back to my tv.

I watched the VMA's last night and realized I was suspiciously old.  I did get a laugh out of watching Britney.  That was a hilariously, beautiful trainwreck.

Someone at work today told me I was going to hell, a special all by myself hell.  Apparently its because I out-sass her and she always comes back with the hell comment.  I got loads of sass.   Also, I'm apparently incredibly sacriligious.  Who knew?  I love God and whatnot, but I made the comment at work that God has a wicked sense of humor.  Who knew that would offend?  Is God not allowed to be hilarious?

I still don't know what some of my co-workers think of me, and I'm trying to let that go and not obsess about it.  Although one of my co-workers did go out and buy me a magnet with what looks like a fairly accurate chibi-fied version of me with the quote "Being rotten is fun".   Because I am apparently rotten?  In a totally adorable way though, I'm sure.  Or I'd hope.

Peace out my peeps.  (look above and nod at the comment I made about being crazy old). 


I saw the 8:00 screening last night of Transformers.  It was a packed house and I was maybe one of five girls there (3 of which were with me).  It was a crowd of solid Transformers fans, mostly guys in their twenties and thirties.  And I must say, it rocked my socks off.  I felt afterwards, the same way I felt after I had watched Serenity.  It had taken something I had sentimental value for and made it awesome.  It was more than just a crazy effects movie.  It was hilarious, and touching, and sometimes a little weird, and all around exciting. 

Not that I need to, but I fully recommend that everyone see this movie. If you truly hate it, I'll think about refunding your money.  Michael Bay is usually hit or miss for me.  I loathe some of his movies, and I love some of them.  Some of them being only Bad Boys, I think, which used to be some of my favorite action movies. 

But yes, if you want a movie you can giggle at, gape at and just generally enjoy this summer.  You should go see it!  And there was this wicked awesome trailer for JJ Abrams untitled project, I think it has codename "Cloverfield".   Crazy good preview! 

Update. NGBP post.

#1.  I do keep up on my flist, even if I'm not updating.  SO....sache  I'm so sorry about your doggie.  I was all excited for you when you revealed that he had been back.  I hope he starts taking his antibiotics!  kaeleer , You have GOT to get out of that house.  Maybe even get out of Florida if you're not so attached to it.  I mean it is hot there.  franwi I want more Simmie updates.  kittycat22 Hooray for weight loss!  You go my darling Bridget.  kajivar  What the heck kind of ice cream cone is that?  And did you eat it like that all in one lick?  Because man alive!  qkellie I hope you've recovered from your birthday illness and happy belated anniversary and...yo!  kenobi...SQUISH!  And to everyone else, much love from me. 

#2.  I bought my Transformers tickets.  We're going to see it Monday night at 8pm.  Here is hoping that my brothers don't want to dress up as Autobots and Decepticons.  Seriously.  They've been on the lookout for boxes.  They are super nerds.

#3.  I still love my job.  That's a random statement to see up on screen.  The only downfall is that I spend so much time in front of the computer again, that I just don't feel like going on it after work.  So here I am with 6:30am posts.

#4.  I have to go to the bookstore next week after payday and buy a ton of manga.  All of my regulars have come out recently, I think.  And then I want to buy Nodame.  I have become the epitome of the Asian nerd.  Oh well.  But on the more nerdy, slightly less Asian side, Harry Potter is being released in less than a month.  YAY!  We're all planning a Harry Potter sleepover.  I shall have to make copious amounts of cookies.   And The Office Season 3 comes out September 4th.  I wonder when Heroes will be released.

Love and hugs and kisses!

GBP part two!

Happy Birthday qkellie!!! 

A lot of my friends were born in June.  What were their parents doing in September/October?